There are certain champions ....

That just insert fear into enemy players in certain ways. Like karthus , making enemy players piss their pants when they're low hp. Or blitzcrank making enemy squishies run like hell when they see him, amumu making them stay sepparated etc. Those champions make the game more beautiful, but sadly, i feel like people at Riot lack a bit of imagination. Most champions just deal damage or tank damage, in similar ways, the only difference is that they either deal the damage in a straight line, in a lunar form in bla bla form or they tank it via a shield, via regening life bla bla. But it's pretty much same thing. And let's analyze a bit by last champions. Illaoi : Passive - pretty unique and cool, but pretty random Q - Boring, nothing special W - synergizes with passive, that's what makes it a bit different, but still pretty boring E - great idea, but turned into a bs ability which kinda makes it meh , should have been a game changing ultimate imo R - boring, really boring, they did so wrong, they should have changed e with r, and make e a bit stronger.... Overall , the only thing unique about this champion is his randomly spawned tentacles, but it's still pretty meh. Kindred : Passive - now the passive despite not seeming something extraordinary,it is really amazing, because, it forces a change in gameplay, it forces enemy players to do something or suffer, and kindred to risk giving out kills only to get some extra damage. So whenever you see a kindred in a game, you already know that you have to stop her from getting stacks or you'll suffer. Q - Boring as hell W - Meh, not really boring, but not something that you can say that's cool. E - Another autoattack stacking ability, like we don't have 100 ( Varus, Kennen, Gnar, Braum , Ekko, Vi, Vayne etc. ) oh so original... R - Despite this ultimate having a big potential for plays, i feel like it's only really good in combination with champions like Janna, Lee, etc, who can push enemies out of it. As a standalone ultimate feels meh for me, or maybe i only hate it because usually when i have a kindred in my team, they either save an enemy with it, either never use it before dying . Tahm : Passive : In combination with Q is pretty meh, in combination with W is really great. Q : Line skillshot that slows or stuns and damages, meh boring. W : His signature ability, this is what makes him special and different from other champions, huge game changing potential. Love it. E : Pretty well thought, although boring, this is what makes him tanky. R : Pretty cool, but also pretty boring . Maybe it's a lot better in premade games, but in Solo Q people will rarely join you when using ult . Ekko, i'm not even gonna go through his abilities , because this is just a chaotically made champion. I feel like Riot only made him just to add one at the number of campions. I think riot only thought about his ultimate when they made him . And they just added random abilities to it. The ultimate is decent, but kind of op. So judging by the last 4 champions released. Imo only tahm has that special feel to it. Champions need to have a certain distinction to them. When you have to choose one or another, you should be able to say, hey, I could pick trynda so i can't die for a couple of seconds, or i could get lux for that baron/dragon steal potential, or teemo so i can lure them into my traps or olaf so i won't be able to get cc'ed. But in most cases what we have are just champions that deal or tank damage. "Oh i will get fiora, but what can i do with her ? What's her speciality ? Well, she deals damage " " Meh seems boring, then I will pick Kha'Zix , what does he do ? Well, he also does damage " Champions should have a certain uniqueness to them. Use your imagination riot , please, if not, use mine, i have plenty.
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