Found my calling.

I have a problem in LoL, that is just really hard for me to get rid off. I can't stop myself from saving people. This is a problem for me cause I pretty much give up my whole lead to save a 0/7/0 Caitlyn out of instinct. I can play Cho'gath, Shen and Swain Extremely well. But most of the time even when I'm 8/0 on Swain, I give up my life just to get my team out of a lost fight. I have a feeling this is why I have a really hard time climbing ranks. But is it really right for me to try to remove this instinct? I started playing Zilean the last 5 games in ranked and had more success on him than any champion mentioned above. I never ever won 5 games in a row in ranked while I one of the best players in the team. Maybe I'm just lucky so far, but I think Zilean might get me to plat now, without having to remove that one thing that holds me back.
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