I am getting worse at the game.

I was on my high horse about a month ago. Was playing relatively good, knowing how to play and relatively having a good KDA. Time started passing by, and i just can't help but look at the last week of my playing. The first thing that i noticed is that odds are unusually against me. Minions stealing the enemy minions (somehow, kinda gets me pissed) a few times.. Then, unusually missing my spells. For some reason, this kinda happens and i don't know how to fix it. It's like i was healthy and now i got a seizure or something. I can still dodge amazingly, but that's the only thing that was left untouched and unchanged. The other thing is, i end up dying for the stupidest reasons. That Teemo surprise hiding in the river, dodging the enemy jungler but getting killed by the top laner, getting stunned or hooked because i thought that the player is smart, so he hooks me out of a miss. Then of course, flamers, but i ain't complaining about that one. In this period of time, nothing partially changed much at all. I will say that i had a small delay of not playing for about 3 - 4 days because i was finishing the series. Patiently wondering how long is this going to last..
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