Teleport being too strong

Hello, I wanted to create a thread regarding how OP TP currently is. I am not saying that TP is currently broken or anything, but how the way it works completely outshines every other summoner spell. For a while now we have been seeing more and more TP mid and whenever i talk to any high elo player i always get the same reply on why is it so good. The reason i`m being given is not that they can do TP plays botlane but that they can safely farm mid and bypassing any jungler aggression on the lane. This becomes more and more obvious on champions that are farm heavy or that do not rely on getting the kill early in order to snowball the lane and win the game (ex for this case Zed). What is TP intended for? Well i was designed so you can get faster to lane and farm or put pressure elsewhere on the map. Before i get the reply that TP is working fine let me remind you that TP was being used for months in competitive even before it got buffed on its cd so obviously higher elo teams realized the importance of this spell by having cross map pressure and securing drakes or neutralizing ganks on your carry botlane so it can ramp up for lategame. But that is exactly my point. I have 2 different accounts on 2 different regions close to diamond and every game is the same thing with TP. TP to lane and soak up more and more farm or to bypass that crazy gank that happened on you and either took a huge chunk of your HP or killed you. I feel that if i go with ignite vs teleport i get more punished even if i do get the kill 1v1 early on. Let`s be fair, you get the 1v1 kill, get 300/400g push the wave/recall fast (depending if you see the jungler or not) and walk back to lane since you should be really low hp. Meanwhile the dude that was killed, will TP back to lane, soak of the wave that is pushing to him and until you get to lane he will most likely push it into your tower. Congratulations he just farmed 10-15 cs while you were walking back to lane and thus gained roughly around 400g and has xp advantage over you. Let me not mention that if you do get ganked and die or are forced back you will be on the back foot all game since you have to recall and walk back to lane you will most likely have -20 to -30 cs compared to the laner and 1 lv disadvantage. When was the last time in solo queue you have seen all the TP`s from top or mid to botlane for pressure? For me at least i can barely see 1, if i`m lucky, per game. The problem is the TP cd on the tower. If you TP on a tower you have 240 sec cd meanwhile stuff like ignite, exaust, barrier have 210 sec cd and heal 300. Barely 30 sec cd more than all these other summoners and you get so much more out of it? What should happen is that TP has 300 sec cd, 200 sec if you cancel it and 200 sec if you do get a kill/assist within 15 sec of TP`ing. That would mean that you can still TP to lane and comeback from a deficit BUT you get rewarded a lot if you do use it for map pressure and get a kill, all the meanwhile leaving you vulnerable vs more aggressive laners that would like to get ignite and for people that like to safe farm midlane exaust,barrier and heal will provide a lot more benefits since they will not be able to do TP plays (ex a Xerah, Ziggs, maybe even Veigar - he can 1 shot you though on a TP if he really wants) Problem is that the way TP cd works at the moment makes for a really stale lane phase and more aggressive plays being punished rather than rewarded. I would really like to hear more of your guys opinion on this and hopefully RIOT will see it and balance it after the season ends. Thanks!

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