So, i started to play support more. And now, i know this.

Supports never get any attention. Its always the adc that does evrything. Look in lcs, you almost never hear, they won that fight cause the support. You never hear them say because of the support he got the penta. I personally feel like the support role, is the biggest outplay role. Look at bard, tresh,... I started duolaning with a friend. He said, i do nothing i just farm and i wait for you to get a play and then i just cast my abilities and autoatack. And yesterday we were losing really hard. And evrybody wanted to surrender. But i got a 3man ulti and stun on 2 people with bard. We won the fight and the game. At the end they all said: That bard :o You almost never hear it as a support, and i think people should start to know that supports outplay more then any other lane, except midlane. And people should give more attention to it. Because before i started playing support i was like, i enjoy support, but i want to get kills, i want to do dmg i want to be tanky i want to carry. But now. I realise that support is more then that. The support changes the game completely. More then any other lane. And people should start to know that. Since when i found out, it made my league experience a lot more fun.
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