The IP/EXP Win boosts are too expensive.

Hey, I´ll make it short and ask ahead why these boosts are so expensive? Is it because they stack with the other boosts? For example 20 Wins IP Boost costs 1250RP. That is already a pretty good skin purchase if you have 100 rest RP to buy a 1350RP one. The prices may be outdated aren´t they? The Shop prices haven´t changed in years. Is it because inflation doesn´t hit the RP Store? I mean I wouldn´t even buy it for half the price it just seems so overpriced ;(. Are there any plans in future for changing some of the shop prices? I looked at all the things you can purchase. The runes already probably take a year of constant IP-Boosting to achieve all the Tier 3 ones. So a casual player will never be able to "complete the game" ever. It feels like the Store is targeted to long-time Players only and if you´re not patient, you pay harsh for it. Please if you don´t plan on changing anything at all considering the RP Shop, let me atleast know if there are future thoughts to it or is it good as it is for you? I mean after all, people pay very well into it including me.
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