MMR Rework

Want to come up with some ways MMR and ranking could be improved. Just kinda sick of being on a small win streak but having such low mmr it only makes half of what I was a few weeks ago whereas before it got me through a rank. Plus pretty sick of being matched with people on massive lose streaks who are mega toxic and don't play very well. Currently feeling very flat about ranked right now just lost all the lp i gained in 5 games in 2 loses i played my heart out in. Would love to see ranked become static values. win 5 you hit promo lose five you de-rank promo or keep as is now. I don't think mmr is a fair representation of skill and I think it is far too time consuming and draining to increase it. Logically I should have high mmr because I hit promos 8 times now and lost with a few people feeding INCREDIBLY during promo but it must be pretty skewed at this point if i lose 21 and gain 13. FYI I haven't de-ranked either, only hit 0LP for one game, I've been hovering around 40- 70 gold 4 for a really long time now and some of my scores just do not belong at this rank ima say flat out. I've been 26 4 as REKSAI in this elo, this just isn't appropriate.
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