Botlane" The punching bag of the rift"

I've been extra frustrated with the state of the game ever since season 8 began. In the latest patches Riot have continuously ruined other lanes and roles while buffing mid lane giving them a bigger advantage and even more impact. They began by slowly removing tanks from the game while buffing bruisers to make the game even harder for adcs and supports in general. But they were not satisfied. Mid lane buffs, bruiser buffs, ADC nerfs, jgl nerfs and tank nerfs patch after patch. Riot has now proceeded a new game plan for their game: to completely remove the impact from adcs while buffing solo lanes. Riot also made the games shorter which makes it harder for adcs to scale and guess what? They buffed mid lane even more. Now they want to completely remove shields from the game by nerfing shield supports. They made it easier for assassins and mages to impact the game. They %%%%ed up all items except essence reaver, last whisper upgrades, and the healing items AND they destroyed the jungle which ironically leads to even more impact for midlaners. I remembered a while ago when I was feeling frustrated because of the recent changes. I hoped for some positive changes for the adc role as a group but nothing happened. I remembered that they did no changes to bot lane for several patches in a row AND when they finally did all they did do was to buff or nerf Kaisa several patches in a row. Nothing else. It's like riot is pulling the middle finger towards bot lane. How can you achieve a balanced game and a happy community while avoiding a huge chunk of its population? Riot for real, fix your game. Stop prioritizing mid lane and bruisers, it's disgusting as it is.
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