Finally Quitting

So Riot Games finally made me a faithful customer with around 1k spent on my Account quit. Honestly, not the gameplay changes let me finally decide to quit. The refunds did. I honestly feel like i didnt get a fair exchange for my 20 purchased rune sites (most of them with riot points in Season 1) or my nearly complete collection of runes before they announced anything. The refunds with the epics dont look bad in the first place, but when you overthink it i honestly think it is unfair to get something i didnt paid for and i am not interested in. What does it matter if they give you 4, 5 or 6 skins if you dont want anyone of them. Why it isnt possible to just refund the RP i spent like it should be? Why do you need to give things to me i dont care for? Thats nowtwhat i paid for, neither it is something i would buy at any time.
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