Top Lane - What's Going On?

Any other top lane mains experiencing some rather strange behaviour in the current meta? * My queue times are as fast, if not faster, than support queues (between 15-40 seconds most of the time) * I get my main role probably 95% of the time, 4% is Autofill (Jungle and ADC in current meta) and other 1% is the mega-rare occasion I get my secondary. * Even if you're polite or even if you flame, whatever your attitude matters not - your jungler will rarely ever gank for you in comparison to the past. Because support/Tristana meta is worth more than your entire existence right now, and getting them kills even if they're pushed to the enemy tower is still worth more than your easy-gankable lane. While I am happy that I can play my main almost all of the time, the experience I'm having in top lane almost cancels out the bonus of obtaining it entirely. To me, top lane is, right now, the true meaning of a "lonely island"
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