The weirdest ranked game i olayed for a long time

I just played a game of Ekko mid and it was so weird. It started of by the other team five man ganking me at level 1(before the minions were spwned). They got my flash and i thught: wow this team is good at teamwork. But then our jungler (Master Yi) ganked mid at level 2 and we got first blood and the next to kills. At this point it was 3/0 in the team score. But then they came back. It was now 3/2 in the team score. Then i saw that the enemy midlaner (Zed) was roaming bot so i cem to. We really F**ck'ed that fight up and we only got one of them and they got three of us. Then we came ahead again. We got dragon, some kills and a tower. At this point my score was 3/0/2 so i was kind of fed. Our botlane (Leona and Caitlyn) had pushed all the way down to their inhibitor turret but the other team did the same thing mid (i was really fed at this point). Then we got a tower top because teemo was splitpushing. We then lost the fight beacause it was 4vs5. Then we took turns at winning the fights. But then we aced them and none of us died and we won. But the weird thing is just none of the teams were ahead for along time but you were still kind of able to predict that we won. Please vote down below. Thank you
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