I like Nexus Siege but everyone seems to missing one specific detail that nobody mentions

The camera angle is different compaired to the other game modes. This might seem like a tiny detail but this means: * #Hitboxes are visually different Dodging skillshots & Combo abilities is basicly haf of the mechanics you have in league of legends. With a different camera angle this changes up your combo's a lot. I would like to give 3 examples: **Zyra Q & plant interaction:** As an Zyra main I'm well aware how far I cast cast my Q visually away from my plant to summon them. But in the Blitz Nexus map this hitbox range is different. As a result I need to aim my Q differently compaired to when I would on the summoners rift map. **Dodging skillshots:** With older champions this is actually more noticeable. You might notice the delay on Anivia's Q. I was actually kinda supprised that certain of those Q's hit me. The hitbox never visually matched the animation. But now it's even more random than before. **Hitting skillshots:** Most of us aim the skillshot in another angle so whe have a better chance on hitting them. But on the Nexus Blitz map this feels off. Some of those skillshot should have hit on the summoners rift map. But there it's just not the case. I had this with Zyra's E where I hit someone close to me but to my supprise the root didn't connect. I have a feeling this might even a bug. --- I don't mind new maps but I still wonder why develop something that would negative impact your competive experience.
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