Season 1 Veteran, completely let down, unrewarded and feel like 7 years into this game = 0.

Can't believe i haven't done this sooner, after 7+ years into this game, more than 5 accounts maxed and leveled up, and i feel like those 7 years that i've put into this game are coming to absolute waste. For starters, Runes bought before 2017 aren't going to be refunded, well, thanks i just spend 20k+ ip on runes and bought rune pages just to not get refunded, sure i got my fair use of them but now everyone is gonna be the same? then why exactly didn't i just buy champions with the IP i've gained. 1. The leveling system? Please tell me once it hits, i'm gonna be awarded for having 1.5k wins and 3k+ games overall played, because if i find myself in the situation where 7 years of gameplay puts me less in level than a person who just hit 30 it's gonna feel way too unfair to even keep up with this game, Don't forget yourself Riot.. You are completely abandoning the veterans who put extreme effort into this game when this game wasn't even slightly popular, I remember last year talking to a Rioter, explaining to him/her how i don't feel like i'm gaining anything as someone who played the game for a long while, sure my main account has a "bronze" season 1 icon, but that doesn't sugarcoat the fact someone who's completely free and plays 20 games a day will be more recognized than someone who played this for too long, That being said i'm not raging or just crying about some symbols its more of the fact that i alone introduced hundreds of friends into this game through 7 years just to be let down and feeling like my time here whilst enjoying this game is unrewarded. TL;DR : OP is pissed because of the changes feeling like new players are gonna be prioritized more than old ones. Please up this thread if you support me, i know a lot of friends are already planning to quit this game, and i don't want that to happen so just modify the changes or sadly i'm gonna be one of those who's quitting after playing since season 1.

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