How are people able to complain about "tank meta"...

and then whine about lethality stacking on the very same breath!? TIRED OF IT!!! Tank meta, tank fuuuucking meta, rito nerf tanks, tank meta tank meta. SICK OF IT, i'm tellin' ya. Varus farming lane solo, eating full Sion combo, dying. "Tanks are bullshiit, rito balance gg" Mordekaiser throwing two last hits of his Q into shen's W "wtf' "wtf" "wtf" "how can you be so tanky without items" 4 people piling on Illaoi, getting ulted, refusing to leave "1 dmg item deletes whole team, ok" Picking full AD-lethality composition, facing {{champion:36}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3075}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3143}} , not bothering to build {{item:3123}} "NERF THIS SHIT" And that is for 3 years now. Yi running with rageblade/devourer- it is tank meta. kog/lulu lane melting everything- tank meta. Lethality strong again, new age of carry deleting? Somehow this is tank meta too. THREE FUUCKING YEARS of grasp nerfs, sunfire nerfs, cinderhulk nerfs (truth be told it was byff recently but nowhere to its release power level, duh) Every one thinks that every meta is tank meta if they are not able to kill a fat guy in melee. No fuuucking shiit. **** DEAR TANK META HATERS Go play a tank. see how usefull you will be if you do nto have a carrry that is worth protecting. enjoy taking silver bolts to the face
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