Riot needs to start nerfing and buffing with utility and not just damage

Its so stupid that you buffed champions like mundo with damage that he already has. how about you guys give him some actual utility, maybe his first hit with his E would have an effect similar to old irelia e, something like a stun when someones higher %hp than you. but in return you dont get additional ad its just a stun. and another thing i noticed is that you guys keep buffing tanks with damage. tanks arent weak, they never have been. the reason why they dont get picked is because they are not fun to play. they dont have fun kits. this post isnt just made for tanks. how do you nerf akali. how about we remove the first gap closer of her ult. so she doesnt jump everywhere. or remove the stun because... why the %%%% does she have a stun. or champions like yasuo who gets buffed and nerfed every season with damage. how about you make his passive shield only regenerate once hes out of combat. or it resets like malzahar if you hit him. stuff like this makes it easier to balance stuff. all you guys do is just buff and nerf with damage. if you couldnt tell by my name. im an Azir main. and you guys buffed him with damage for some reason. how about we maybe fix his bugs. i posted a bug of him yesterday on reddit and youtube. link: you guys are so afraid to make changes. id rather have a champion be weak then to perma ban 1 champion because if the enemy gets their hands on it its gg. i mean we're talking about riot here who took 6 months to finally nerf akali. Lets go back to tanks. alright no one wants to play them because theyre 1. not fun to play due to having boring kits COUGH COUGH MALPHITE, 2. you need voice chat. tanks would be so much more viable with voice chat. alot of them have kits that are designed around teamplay, take shen for example. yes its shen his job to look at the map. but wouldnt it be much easier to say SHEN ULT ME.
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