hi, SerSerych, EUW, playing from s1, low dia tier, now move to my problem. so. kindred got her heals back, its good, ty, BUT she still much weaker that graves and others jungle adc, so, can you just add 1 misery buff by 2 ways: a) make a marks invisible for enemy team. now enemy can read your path easely, ruin your game and just DONT think what to do, cause enemy jungler clearly know what camp he need to kill for put down a kindred. making marks invisible and enemy jungler MUST choose his path properly or he let our Lamb free hunts. make him watch how many stucks kindred got, make him THINK: b) make a marks appears on side where is kindred now: top-left or bot-right side of map. what it can get for game with\vs kindred? for her - its guaranteed that after taking 2 camps - she comes to her hunt. its make first 1-2 hunts more easy, but for enemy - enemy jungler will know what kindred gonna do, and where she is now. ty for reading, bb{{champion:203}}
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