RIOT , please an explanation of your "we want people to choose between risc and reward"

As mentioned above, you designed your Assassin heroes to have a, risc/reward system. If they choose to go DEEP for a kill, that they either get rewarded or if they fail to score the kill, they get punished. Some examples are: Fiz Akali- Rengar, Talon - R, Q into enemy backline where you are open afterwards, if you don't kill priority target. But he is worst example because he Can jump the wall if you let him of course. --many others. Now what I would like for RIOT to explain all of us players is who are you lying to ? Why are you lying to us so openly , are we %%%%%%s ? What kind of Risc-Reward Ideology are you trying to sell to us, when you have champions like Le Blanc and Zed ?? -Zed; R- gap closer that deals damage W- gaP cloer OR ESCAPE /versatile spell (The one spell that was designed for the lying fake ideology above, you chose do you get in even more or escape with it. Q<E -Self explanatory. It all worked well until some , uneducated unskilled guy from Riot games, said, yeah, we sell people this fake balance ideology, lets give him ability to also press R to RETURN to his starting point. - So now we just crapped over the W spell's "choice making" because you can ALWAYS use it to chase DEEP DEEP DEEP under 15 towers half the map, waste flash and than just press "R " and you are back to safety. NO RISC PERFECT 1v1 hero. who needs 2 or 3 people to get caught if played well. Had energy source and insane damage scaling. Ultra safe laning on top of it. ----------- REMOVE HIS ABILITY TO RETURN TO ULTIMATE CASTING POINT ----- BORDERLINE BROKEN > WHere is your RISC/REWARD IDEOLOGY AND LIE THAT YOU ARE SELLING US HERE ????? Le Blanc: Similar to zed above, LB is a ranged, safe to lane hero, who can use FOUR (4) movement spells, which have the range 2x that of flash, Deal damage, and have little CD. --------- IF SHE USES Ultimate to double dash, remove her W's cast point and vice versa. So she can't go back to australia. Where is that "Players have to make a choice" Lie you are telling us ?? What choice bro ? Zed: R , chase, < WW, chase even more, FLASH under tower, FAIL TO KILL, GET OUTPLAYED, R to safety. Where is the PUNISH WIndow for enemy player ??? Where is that DECISION MAKING he had to make ?? What was the decision he had to choose ? Same goes for LB, W, R, use Chain , Oh you missed , NP, return to Starting position.. GGWP RIOT EMPLOYEES
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