Silver should be renamed to Cardboard.

So. I started off the season in bronze 5 because ranked :D I managed to climb out of bronze and into silver rather quickly and easily because the games were fun, match ups were even and they were actual good and hard won games that were worth my time. Enter silver into the scene.... I get to silver 3 just as easily as i climbed out of bronze but the games were so much more cancerous and were not fun at all. Then I'm 1 LP away from my promos to silver 2 and then I get "cursed" with "bad teams". I am not saying I'm the best and I should be placed into master so I don't get matched with people that have only just found out what a mouse and keyboard is. But why do I have people on my team in mainly carry roles that not only feed but constantly flame and tilt the team while the enemy team is ejaculating all over us. My point is why is bronze full of better players than silver?! "If your winning more than 50% of your games you'll climb" Ye you been in silver mate? They don't know what hands are "If your good you'll carry and win" As many other people have stated It's not possible for someone at our level to carry people who IRL salivate over windows. I believe I belong in gold 4/5 but I can't see myself ever making it to gold unless I proper change up the way I play or Riot pulls a finger out and learns to match make. When i go from a 67% win ratio up until I was that 1 LP away from promos to silver 2 and now I'm 1 loss away from silver 5 and I'm at a 50% win rate what can I do? Please for the love of my sanity tell me what I can do.
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