[QUESTION] From an unranked perspective, how to keep up with higher tiers?

Hey all. I'd just like to ask a simple question really. Lately I've been finding myself becoming matched with higher-tiered players, despite the fact that as I'm an unranked player, my MMR is placing me within the same tiers as those higher than myself. I've never played Ranked, and even with the coming season I'll be anxious in wanting to play, simply from seeing how these other higher tiered players react, specifically if there's an early game death on my side, or if the current whatever position player dies early, I usually see a hail of abuse. I usually play ADC, and I usually exclusively play as {{champion:110}}. I'm aware of his own shortcomings; no escape, low mana early game etc. and I'd be fine generally, however I've noticed that the higher tiered players I am paired with, the more aggressive they act. I'm aware of my own shortcomings, as the most I can do if I don't keep a constant poke up is to generally play safe. I've met many champions that I've been able to keep on par with or even outpace such as {{champion:222}} or {{champion:67}} if I can keep a constant harass. However I do slide once my mana runs low, and I'm expected to keep pace with an aggressive support, especially with champs like {{champion:53}} or {{champion:37}}. Normally it's fine, I keep a constant eye on my mana usage and generally only turn aggressive once I wind down the enemies mana pool, since they can't keep up with my aggression, however if I'm forced to turn back due to my limitations, I'm harassed by my own teammates. even though going after the enemy will more than certainly result in my death, which is just an invitation for more flaming in my opinion, and I've seen so many cases where my supports would rage on why I didn't chase for the kill and they suffered the consequences of jumping into a 1v2; simply because there's moments where I can't, and I have to stay back and allow the enemy team to burn themselves out and make a mistake before punishing them. Now I've used a {{item:3004}} build before, however I find that it lessens my effectiveness, even if it does greatly increase my mana pool. But this isn't about asking how to play Varus. I know him inside and out, and I'm very aware of his counters; {{champion:51}} primarily,{{champion:81}} to a certain extent and {{champion:15}}. However, I do wanna gain an understanding of how I can keep up par with other players in higher tiers. I've played with Silvers and Golds, and a couple of Daimonds on occasion, although it's difficult to keep up. However I do find Varus to be a very rewarding champion if played right, and a lethal force once the late game stage comes around. While he's no snowball he certainly packs a punch and he's very underestimated. Now I'd expect someone to say play Jinx and Vayne, but to be honest they're too easy to play. I thought they'd be a challenge since I keep seeing how people say 'so and so champion is difficult to play/harder to master etc' but they're so easy and it's no fun. I enjoy a challenge no matter what, and I find Varus to be the most rewarding of that kind, and I intend to bring him into the ranked when I work up the balls to actually play in ranked. Above all else I suppose, another thing I've noticed in higher tiers is the astounding fact, especially in bot lane, that an ADC can and will only be as good as their support, or vice versa. This goes for all other roles too to be honest. In normals, people can make mistakes and easily recover from punishment simply because it's normals, not everyone will be equally skilled. Honestly, I do just want to be able to keep up and still use my favorite champion. I'm aware that in high ELO I'll be smashed to oblivion, but I guess thats something I'll just have to figure my way around and recounter.
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