Why can NO ADC or Assassin EVER ADMIT that Duskblade is broken?

I mean seriously... have a little humility to see that its NOT you that is winning games. Its this obnoxious and unfair item {{item:3147}} that is overloaded, unfair and just plain stupidly designed. It should be a melee only item like {{item:3074}} but it isn't so every ADC under the sun can abuse its power without any drawback. But if you ask ANY ADC main to admit that this item is overpowered and the reason they win most of their games. Most of them will flat out deny it which some ridiculous childish denial. People's attitude at this game is never geared towards "balance for all", just "balance for themselves". When an item is a problem, they will RARELY admit it, which means that Riot never knows if an item is broken or not because this playerbase is willing to try and deceive Riot for their free elo rather then actually attempt to balance this game for the better. This is why League is known as the most toxic community in the world and this is why the game is in the current unfun state its in with one sided stomps. Armor is effectively a worthless stat at the moment because of Leathality, which makes the game laughably one-sided in favor of AD champions.
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