Can we talk about Kalista

Hey, most of you guys probably have already watched the Senna gameplay teaser thing released during worlds. Not sure if anyone noticed Kalista in all that. So when we're in this whole Shadow Isles theme going on with the new champion release, can Riot focus a little bit on just how dead Kalista is as a champion. I've tried playing her for like my last 10 games(I've played her before quite a lot so I'm not new to the champion - I know all the mechanics, tricks and strengths of it) and there are just so many flaws with her. She doesn't scale well enough(please bring 100% ad dmg on aa) her E dmg is just not enough. I found myself not able to execute non-tanky people from like 20% of their hp with like 5-6 E stacks on them - that's ridiculous. Also in terms of scaling this champion feels so weird. It's like early game is alright but you need like 2-3 completed items(not counting boots) to be relevant out of the lane but the champion falls off on 4 items because other adcs at the same item level are just so much better. Kalista's E mechanic which is the 2nd signature thing going for this champion becomes completely useless after 25th minute(it doesn't do enough dmg and by "completely useless" I mean it's too difficult to stack it enough to execute-reset anyone so you end up with E on cooldown every time you finish contesting a single kill - which means reset mechanics becomes a bit of a "random" feature in her kit ). To sum it up, can we give some love to this champion instead of ignoring it completely for like 2-3 years now? I know it doesn't look like she was ignored from the patch history but if you look into number fixes they tried to do with her, it's outrageous that they thought this would help her out. PS: If any of you bring the argument that any big buffs would make Kalista op or something just look at champions like Xayah/Kaisa how overtuned they are and this looks completely fine in Riot's book, therefore I ask to bring Kalista to AT LEAST 49% win ratio (she's 43%atm I believe). Come on Riot, she's really fun to play in solo Q and to watch in competitive play.
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