ARURF needs a fix

Ok. First of all, in my whole ARURF experience I want to say that this is the most hated gamemode what I have played. I guess to some people it is fun to suffer 15 - 20min in a game when opponent has something mechanical easy to play and you get something like Azir. The whole game mode should still have a banning phase in it to excluse actually awful champions to counter those people those just rerolls themselves "overtuned" champion for the format. The reason why I want to make more open and lenghty discussion about this is, because only those who play ARURF claim it is """fun""" for them. I want to tell me, what is this "fun"-element they keep refering to and what champion they had fun with? Yes. Go ahead and look at my record and see how much ARURF I have played, but I want to claim first that if I don't like something, why would I forcefully make myself to like it? I tried it twice and got a feeling that it is ultra-fast mode where only those who play mechanical easy champion and presses QWER very rapidly wins. If you receive with unlucky randomness factor a poorly-optimized champion for ARURF enemy usually tells you to "git gud" or insults you for playing poorly. Sadly ARURF only encourages for toxic behaviour and makes more people suffer from endurance test rather than enjoy the game mode, because of these BS champions who just one shots you. I am defining fun by that you can enjoy something regardless of the outcome. How many of you have felt very frustrated and anger after loss in ARURF and how many of you just surrender rather than let the gamemode end? Why do you surrender, if you do so? Before anybody posts a comment: "ARURF is a FUN GAME MODE. AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH IT." or similar type of semantic, I want you to convince me why I dislike the game format so much and what makes you enjoy it. I don't accept feeling based, "because it just makes me", comments, but rather I want to hear constructive thoughts and actual arguments, why ARURF is fun/unfun. {{champion:32}} Also to summary: 1. ARURF could need a BAN phase 2. There should be more cheap defensive items to counter instant blow-ups 3. Change my thought about ARURF
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