Now, before you check my match history and comment "u just nob with her", keep in mind that Taliyah is still brand new and EVERYONE is a "noob" with her. However, i'm not here to complain about that. I'm here, because based around my experience with Taliyah and what i have seen from her in game so far, she is UNDERPOWERED! Yes, she has a high skillcap, but you have to do so much with her, to get so little out. For a champion with 0 defences and 0 mobility before level 6 Taliyah feels incredibly weak. Let's break down her skillset: **Passive:** {{item:3117}} Like, LITERALLY! I don't see any use of this passive except for getting back to lane "faster". And i put "faster" in quotation marks, because the movement speed bonus is barely noticeble. Other than that, this passive is useless in the laning phase. **Q: Yay VFX. Nay damage.** Honestly, this skill looks awesome. Tearing up the ground and launching it at your targets sounds amazing. Untill you see the damage. Taliyah has to land all 5 shards on an enemy to do the same damage Lux is going to do to you with 2 Qs. Not worth it. And we all know that when the minions are in lane landing 5 skillshots on the enemy champ is king of hard. And then we get to the second part. Worked ground. This last from 180 to 99 seconds. Meaning, when Taliyah has cast Q 4 to 5 times, her ENTIRE segment of the lane is going to be Worked, meaning, she will only be able to cast one small Q shard. Also, the range feels kind of small. And keep in ind that this is Taliyah's only RELIABLE damage source. Sadly, after the fifth cast, it doesn't feel reliable. Neiher does her next skill. **W: A worse Ziggs W.** Now, the skill, again sounds and looks cool. A knockup that can be changed to a knockack/knockin/knockaside, shifting the ground and forcing it to do your bidding. But the problem is, the overall tiny radius of this ability, plus the delay and the shiny warning particle, makes this ability super easy to dodge. And when you consider that most of the champs these days have some sort of built-in mobility, or just purchse it (_cough_ {{item:3152}} _cough_) Taliyah's W might aswell be only good for knocking minions away from your turret. Now, it can do an amazing job at stoping a Kata ult, or delaying a Rengar about to jump on you, but the chances of you doing that are so small, considering the gigantic 110 mana cost at level 5. Meanwhile, Ziggs W gets 65 mana at ALL ranks and Vel'Koz gets 70 mana at rank 5. But, i have to admit, ~~Statchel charge~~ Seismic Shove has a very good synergy with Taliyah's next skill. **E: ~~Hexplosive minefield~~ Unraveled earth.** Alright, i see what Riot wants. You have to chain your E and W together and knock your enemies into the bed of rocks. And if you do that at level 3 when you have all skils, you will do... 100(+60 AP) magic damage. Yaaaaay. Meanwhile Xerath will deal 180(+135 AP) damage to you with a simple WQ combo. Oh, and don't even get me started on the mana cost of this skill. 90 mana at LEVEL 1? For real? We could atleast have the ability to aim it or detonate it early, but no. Meanwhile, Lux, Ziggs, Gragas... You get my point. Everyone does the zone control job better than Taliyah. Also, damage, Or rather lack of it. And now we move on to the last part. **R: Make Shurima great again! ** Let's face it. You're only going to use this ability to either fast travel to your lane or try to escape your demise early on. The range of the wall increases with level (thankfully), so late game you could make potential splitpushes and maybe even a backdoor with it. It could also resolve in some decent ganks. But i feel like this giant wall will do more bad than good. I have already witnessed a teammate of Taliyah being completely STUCK between the wall and terrain, and then being caught out and killed, costing the entire team the game, because it was 40+ minutes in. Yay, helpful. Overall, Taliyah is very complicated. Which is good. I like a difficult champ. But the problem is, unlike Azir or Syndra, who also have a high skillcap, playing Taliyah doesn't feel powerfull. It doesn't feel impactful. You have to do so much, to get so little out of her. Landing the 5 skillshots in lane can be very difficult, but if you do, you will probably deal the same damage your enemy will deal with ONE skillshot. And if you're going to make an ultimate that deals 0 damage and a passive that also deal 0 damage and is USELESS in the laning phase, you better compensate with basic skill damage. Look at {{champion:4}} for example. His pasive is just a gold increasing buff, and his ultimate is a nearly global TP and enemy reveal. They both do 0 damage. But that's why Twisted Fate's Q and W have high base damages and high AP scalings. My suggestions on how to improve Taliyah would be: Reduce the duration of Worked ground. Buff Q's damage and AP ratio. Increase the radius of W. Allow E to be cancelled early. Increase the cast range of E. And seperate it from Taliyah. That's my overall opinion on Taliyah. Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with the champion. _Almighty. _
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