"Cait can put traps from afar??"

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(Sorry for the crap quality there; phone cameras tend to be so good, especially if you wanna make a pic fast) What did you expect? A squishy ADC sneaking up to you at meele range, placing the trap right under your nose only to flash back and then shoot your head off with the gun you thought was for show? So I've been playing that game as ADC Caitlyn against an Ashe/Morde Bot. Ok. We completely destroyed them, mainly because Morde seemed to love my cupcakes and decided to gain immense overweight within the frst 10m of the game. So whats my reaction after 5-times-in-a-row-stepping on a trap? And killing him? I ask him in Allchat! You can see how he answered. I mean. Wtf. Cait is either getting picked or banned these days. He never played against one before? I was like 'Hey lemme check his Elo; can't be that high then.' Platinum 3 was the answer and I was stunned. Like, how. In Plat people usually are at least kind of good; so I expected... less than that. Made me think about the awareness of champion kits in general. What will I get tomorrow? Hopefully not a 'Vayne can turn invisible??'. Seriously, you should know stuff lile that. Even the onces who are not so highly ranked or/and don't play often. Or is that common in your games...?
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