Shaco Current state...

Riot Thanks for Inderect nerfs to shaco His Winrate is 49.85% Even tho ONLY SHACO ONE TRICKS ONLY PLAYS that Trash tier jungler E: does 45 Dmg In lvl 1 and In late game he bearly peaks 500 dmg Tho ninja tabies + Ga drops it to 200+ Dmg ( Tip for u trash adc mains) U think IT A %%%%ING SKILL... WORST SKILL IN GAME W: Does no dmg at all On ad shaco (Used as Subward ,Skill Shoot Block ,Rearly as a trap(What it was intended to be) Useless Skill Q: It's Good but rest of that kit %%%%ing kills it off (Only good Stuff in his hit) R: Used Mainly To Doge CC and Huge amounts of dmg And to Quickly Burst enamy down But with these Bugs Its Afful i JUST love how u almost have been ignoring Shaco as Champion It selfe Sry Ignoring Was wrong Word U JUST %%%%ING HATE HIM Fking useless champ 3 seasons in row Only ONE TRICKS PLAY HIM COUSE WE LOVE THIS CHAMPION CONSEPT/KIT ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If Riot Balance team are u reading this IF u think shaco is balanced champ then ur blind idk why riot hired u or somthing u are duing your job Porly as all fkin hell... [Jungle] Sejuani , Evelyne , Rengar , Heckarim , Kindred... [Top] Vladimir , Kennen (Almost ungankable) , Kled , Renecton , Irelia , Mordekaiser , Tryndamere... [Mid Champions] Katarina , Talon... [Adc] Jinx , Ezreal ,Sivir (ULTRA SAFE POKE AFK BULSHIT) [Supports} Lux I think these %%%%ing champs are most broken Champions in game And if u Think shaco Is on same level as they are I %%%%ing Feel SORRY FOR u ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Btw Trash Talkers , Adc mains , Shaco Haters , Guys who Don't know how to counter shaco I DON'T CARE IF U TRASH TALK ME OR SOMTHING SHACO IS UNPLAYABLE EVEN ONE TRICKS CANT KEEP THE NUBERS UP SHUT THE %%%% UP AND LEAVE US ALONE.... Last Thing Shaco is no longer a champ Hes 300 gp Minion... (Joke)Even Minions have better Winr than Shaco onetricks Whos MORE USEFULL NOW SAVESHACOFROMHELL Btw riot of u try Deliting this i have it saved on pc ill repost it each time.... Im bit sorry for toxicty but its sad True about Shaco and These Bs Champoins P.s I know i have bad English So i don't care even if u try roast me or something... #SAVESHACOFROMHELL
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