Azir, thoughts?

So azir is back in action from what I saw on websites, in videos, by listening to pros, yade yade yade. What I was curious to see from you guys is do you think he is in a good spot or do you feel he will get nerfed in the future. Again I am a bit biased because I really want to know if my main will get hit with the nerf bat again and again but from me playing him, I could tell that his lanning phase is sooooooo much better than what it used to be. You have a lot of unexpected damage and people don't respect you because they think ''oh azir, lategame hypercarry, no need to worry about his early game''. I mean I only played 1 game of him so far because I didn't get any time at all since I am a busy person but can anyone tell me if he is still the lategame hypercarry and if he is due any nerfs from you guys' solo que experience. I don't want him in the trash can before I get to play him lol.{{champion:268}}

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