Worst experience SOLOQ so far in 10 years.

I have been playing league ever since season one, and right now I have the least amount of fun and for one reason only. Coinflip. We all know this term, it's a negative term for sure which is being used often in order to lower team morale or just trashtalk your teammates. However, I have never experienced games this unbalance in the last 10 years. I never make rant posts because I do not like to rant about stuff that much but this time it has gone too far. I play on my highest mmr acc which is D2 soft reset p4 and I can't believe the people I am being queued up with. Every game there is at least 1 person that decides to go 0-10 +- which makes games super hard to carry but above all super tilting and certainly not fun. There is only 1 logical explanation for this since my performance hasn't changed within 1 day from preseason to start of the season. Matchmaking. I wanted my voice to be heard by the developers as well since I and many of my friends who are experiencing the same thing are eager to stop and look for an alternative game.
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