League of Coinflip - Season 9 The Season of Roulette. I am HERE to save your mental health.

so I think I am about to be sectioned but I thought I'd write this quick sum up of season 9 ranked for anyone wanting to play this game. I hope I can save anyone from wasting there money, effort and sanity. What to expect from Riots Balance Team this season: - NOTHING. everything does to much damage and the games are decided within 5 minutes. What to expect from Season 9 with how to climb - LUCK. nothing in this game anymore actually means anything. skill isn't determined by individual skill. it's determined in champion select. I feel like promoting going to a casino and wasting your time and money gambling because at least the you can win something back even though the odds are skewed. this Season is a shit fest of bad MMR design, over tuned items, awful champion buffs and a company that quite frankly thinks the games "Esport" scene is the Balance priority. Please do not waste your time. come back next season oh actually I reckon League will be dead by next year so we can only pray that happens. Many Thanks Kind Regards A man who has had a mental breakdown.
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