Haha, gratz on destroying your own game, Riot! :D

This new rune system sucks... Very unfun and limited set of choices. It makes certain champs totally overpowered and other champs totally useless.... GJ Riot. "GJ." Old system (runes+masteries) had so much more variability. I am not even talking about IP conversion into Blue Essence... Only a handful of calculations is necessary to realize your game is in decline and you are obviously in need of money... A LOT OF MONEY!!! (I know you are probably developing an MMO beased on League of Legends universe but I don't care. This is a betrayal of LOL player base) You said that Blue Essence would be the only universal type of currency withing the game. Still, you have not abolished RP points... I was hoping I would be able to buy skins for blue essence. Well, that's not the case obviously. Someone's greedy here... Screw you.
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