I know Riot wants the game to be dynamic and that but...

**Please read it only if you are a regular player and do it kindly, not like a monster, i'm sharing my opinion honestly and I dont try to offend anyone here.** I feel like the game is so disgusting to play right now. As they said a while ago, they don't want the game to be balanced at all to make it fresh and "fun" but I want to share my opinion here and see if others do share it. I want to say first that this is just my opinion and I know that most people will insult, put negatives and stuff like that, please consider this as a formal opinion and not a "just think that". I played league since S4 and the game is more and more frustrating. You win, you can get fun, you lose, you can get fun (rarely). I will divide this in different parts. **Balance** League of Legends is a competitive game, everyone wants to show their skill and climb or get fun in this game, but what happens when the system matchs you with a couple of champions that are way up than others? Its clearly not fun, really hard or impossible to win and disgusting. When you play against a Veigar for example, you feel like you just got killed because the champion is like that, R, or E Q R with an insane range stun... Not only Veigar, almost all champions have unhealth issues and clearly unhealthy issues. If you play against someone you want to show your skill, if you %%%% up you lose, but if you do well you should win, thats not the case in most games, where champions and allies take an important role there, until the point that no matter if a player is afk in some games that you can win by far and in some games even 2 champs or just 1 can win the game no matter what you do. Okay, relying in allies is not that bad, but relying in champion kit's and balance is an huge unhealthy issue. Counters are fine but god, if you do well you should win, not lose anyway, right? So about what Riot said about that, first: "Make it fresh and fun": Hell, you don't need to unbalance the game to make it fresh, you already add content and change items and champions to have different stuff, you change the jungler and you have esports too, you don't need to do that, in fact, it would be way more fun if you don't put unbalanced champions against balanced / nerfed champs played with highly skilled players. So, what do you think? Would you play with and against balanced and not disgusting champions? Notice when you are outplayed or enemies did well instead of "wtf is that dmg with just a target skill?????" or you would prefer to play the game like it is right now with champions that are so disgusting to play that makes the game way more toxic than it should be, disgusting, tilting game? To be honest, I, as a developer, wouldn't think on making unbalance to get any money or make it fresh to get more people because its clearly a wrong path for a competitive game. Changing kits, making champs healthy, item paths, runes, masteries, thats what Riot should do and not %%%%ing unbalanced patches. **Overnerfed Roles** There are roles that are made to do something but clearly makes the player feel like he can't do anything to carry the game, I'm talking about supports, in specific utility supports, let me explain. They have a good winrate but they are not enough rewarding for good plays and enough punished for bad plays, which would lead to be able to carry and better balance at the same time. They are the worst role right now in league, nobody wants to play it, everyone forgets about that role and what they do, when they do a good play nobody notices and when they "carry" nobody notices or thanks them... Even support items are just a few when we have 3x more items for ads and 3x more for aps and 3x more for tanks than we have for supports. Overnerfing a champion is an issue too, if it is seen in competitive that doesnt mean he is broken, that means he is popular, don't over nerf it just to not see it in competitive, if the game would be balanced they would play way more stuff in competitive and make it more fun and interesting to watch than now. **Attitude of players that don't know about this issue** Clearly there will be a lot of players that will offend messages like this because they have fun with the game as it is right now, but that doesnt mean the game is unbalanced and not fun for other people, you can just see how many flaming you see in the game, autistic players that ruin the game or champions that win the game alone while others can't do shit. Its clearly the biggest issue Riot had since League of Legends came out and this will destroy the game when it could last for many more years. League of legends is the best competitive game to play but at the same time the worst balanced game I've ever seen. You have a whole of people working on champions, balance and other stuff, how the hell you can't figure out you did this wrong since the beginning? Change your mind guys, I really like this game but I end up frustrated every single game because I can't stop seeing how this affects the game. If you dislike to play the game as it is right now, unbalanced, toxic and unhealthy, please leave an upvote. This is important for me, as I tried to play this game the best I could and end up with bad luck streaks every day and I couldn't beat them with skill no matter what. No matter what I do, I feel like I won't carry even if i'm 30/0 if my team is bad or they have the right OP champs. If you want the game to be competitive, fun, and last long, make the competitive your game and not just ESPORTS. Your player base is what watches ESPORTS, if your player base doesnt want to play anymore they won't watch ESPORTS either (not always but mostly). Thanks to read guys, I really want this game to get better and better, and finally enjoy it without being disgusted as hell in every match or feel like the game was lost by op champs, toxic champs again. Be kind guys <3
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