Improving observation skill as jugler

Hullo everyone. I would like ask humbly for an advice how to improve one particular aspect of playing as jungler. My biggest problem, currently, is the fact that I do not know, what is happening in each lane. Of course I am observing mini-map almost all the time (thanks to this I can track enemy jungler), but it does not give enough informations. For example, in the last game I saw enemy top lane overextending. Great opportunity for a gank. But it was way too late when I noticed that the moment I ganked he hit next level, getting two levels advantage on both of us. In short, the great opportunity was in reality a really bad choice that led to even more snowballing. Tried multiply times with F2 - F5 keys, but for some reason it feels awkward using them. So maybe one of my honourable readers know a method how to improve this aspect? How, in the same moment, pay attention to lane and my own jungle? Your Sincerely, McGalakar
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