Riot plz help diana i have an idea for it

ok we all know that diana{{champion:131}} isnt good at this moment, low winrate and she feels bad .So i have an idea ,ether do a full rework , or do a mini rework both will help her. So here it is ,for the mini rework u can do something like changing her E to something that deals damage . Or giving the enemy a moonlight stack that will help her alot ,especially if her moonlight isnot consumed by R this will give her alot of mobility and damage. Her E change doesnt have to be removing the ability make it as a moonlight stack. now for the juicy part the full gameplay rework . what im suggesting is kinda extream but it will make diana the best champ in the game so her it is: passive : its the old passive but its now tow rather than three attacks but half the damage lower ap ratio but also an ad ratio (will take about ad diana later and how that afflict her play style). The second part of the passive is that for every three abilities (ether the same or different abilities) diana get 1 ap, and for every third cast of the same ability will give that ability 1 base damage . Now that seems op but with high mana costs and low base damages it will be balanced and in t he late game will give her extra power as a diver with high mobility Q: the same thing lower damage higher costs at max . W: same thing but without the mana costs and the damage nerfs or do i dont care :) , and make at three hits with the orbs at the same target not the aoe damage but the orbs them selfs gives her moon light ok E: make it her ult, lower range and less damage, much less damage like 10/20/30/40/50 and it resets if u do it on a target with a moonlight. Its not broken trust me (or dont i didnt test it but low base states and no ap raio but an ad one will make her balanced). Now for the real rework and the thing that will make diana the hardest champ in lol her R . This thing is kinda complicated but bear with me its worth all the above . Her R empowers her abilities all of them and u have to press the r and the ability to empower it like hemierdiger{{champion:74}} , but the difference is that that empowerment is base on what u build AP or AD if ap if u build her ap the abilities become q : longer range and width more damage w: knocks back enemies revers current E e: make it a dash like shen e but smaller radius and stuns for .5 seconds far enough can go throw walls and with big range . If u build her ad then Q: jayce w but tow autos rather than 3 W: auto attack reset or u can change q with w E : invisibility for 1.5 seconds with slight move speed Now the ad version u might think is trash and in fact ur probably right casue i couldnt come with other stuff . So plz plz riot think about any of these things, this ill make diana really strong as an extremely difficult champ, with bad early strong late , with lots of mobility and 1v5 potential. So tell me what u think and ya, help this champ and im not asking for a vgu , only a basic rework keep her as it is but change the abilities of this champ and give her new skins :)
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