This is BY FAR the worst Season ever!

tl:dr: at the bottom I get it, many posts and threads came in but I want to say my perspective too. Last season I climbed from Bronze I to Plat V only by myself, and if I played with friends I lost more often than I won. And I play this game for about 7 years now. So since about the start of season 9, I wanted to hit Diamond, and I play and play and play, a day for day, and I experienced a lot from this now. THIS IS BY FAR THE WORST SEASON EVER. I thought season 7 was but no, season 9 tops it off. Omg is this season a dice roll, this is crazy. Like sometimes I get teammates who are smart, play very well and give me tips about how to improve myself and which items I should buy. But, of course, there is always a downside, I play many games per day atm for two weeks (because of summer holidays) and it is a coinflip! Sometimes I get very good teammates who work with me and win games, or sometimes I get teammates who feed and instantly get toxic and flames each other until four of us are deciding to surrender. I thought season 7 was crazy because of the massive patches but no, this is such a coinflip, it ruins my day and my competitive spirit. I try to win, I try not to feed, I try, if I fed an enemy, not to give him more advantage, but all in all, THE TEAM MATTERS. And that is good, but it annoys me if the matchmaking decides to throw me into people who are insanely toxic. Short question... For what is the Honor System good? Like everyone gets to Honor 5 and this is not really difficult, but shouldn't the Honor Level a system which classifies you, how nice you are? And not toxic you are? I will still be playing Ranked and try to get to Diamond, but this season kills me, spirit wise. Riot please, fix your Ranked System aka your Matchmaking System. tl:dr: Current season is coinflip if you're lucky you get good teammates and if not, be faced with toxic.
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