What things do you want to change in TFT? Why?

**What do you want to change in TFT and why?** Here is what I think. 1. I noticed 2 star pieces I find harder than 3 star. After ~10 games I don't think it's just 'bad luck'. Might be a bug. 2. Getting pieces to level 3 is very easy. To easy. 1 guy got a lv 3 piece at stage 2-5. Others even get to have 4 or 5 pieces at lv 3 up to stage 5. I'l compare this to dota auto chess. Sometimes in auto chess you would not have a single lv 2 piece up to round 10 or even 12. And Round 35-40 the average lv 3 piece count is 2-3 (druids 4-5). 3. In the later stages of the game, the courier or whatever it's called that blue thing takes too much damage. 4. Level 5 pieces are don't feel that strong at all. By the time you get one and use it , you face other 1 star pieces that are already lv 3 and are way stronger. **Changes I would like to see:** 1. I want different skins or at least a more obvious change at pieces at lv 2 and 3. 2. I want to see how much damage every piece does. 3. I want to see the gold from the other players. 4. I would like to see the attack speed form every piece and how much AD they have and armor/mr. 5. When the time is up and the fight is not finished. I want it to be a draw (no damage) or the one with more pieces does the damage.
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