why is fiora still not being touched

this champ is absolutely broken, percent true damage. heals, you can either farm and take damage and heal her, or sit back and pray you get a decent vital to get 2 cs before it changes and you have to hide again. her q... it's not even a small range it will hit you while she's out of tower range and you're hitting the melee minions it's unfun and pretty much stomps anything out, that isn't kennen (gee i wonder why) as soon as she hits level 2 and you don't have a kill on her, you can kiss your lane goodbye. but if you get a kill on her, it only postpones her lane dominance until level 3. where she can outdamage even when behind for no reason it's not like she cant do damage without vitals, she can hold her own without them, they don't make and break her, you can be sat next to a wall trying to hide the vital and still be outdamaged give it a cooldown or something
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