Why do people keep telling me not to play ivern?...

Everytime i pick ivern i hear omg not ivern or dont play him.... Ive been playing him a lot lately and i actually believe hes strong in what he does.... but i also found a few tricks that you can do. On top of his Q being a long range picking tool ( kinda like a reverse blitzcrank Q) his W the bush can be used as a scouting tool. It has an extremely long range and when used grants vision. Its really useful for counter jungling. In Team fights its also STrong because placing them in good spots allows your team to weave in and out of the bushes to avoid targeted damage. His E is a nice simple one. A shield which bursts with a 70% slow for 3 seconds. Nice and simple tool for ganking walk up from behind proccing the slow adding a few autoes then Q to snare for even more autoes. Many people just Q straight away then E which misses out on auto damage. A little side trick i learned with his E is that it can also reveal (indirectly) Stealthed targets. When you shield yourself and then the hsield bursts. It shows the burst particles around the target even when stealthed so you get an idea where they are. Ive managed to track a few shacos using this trick. His R, is actually a very surprising dueling too. If you shield daisy this can help create an engage. SHe also follows your Q targete and immediatly dashes to them. A little side trick she has is that she can be used to block projectiles ( not all including things that go through monsters or minions). Projectiles such as an ez Q or jinx W or thresh Q pr blitz Q can be blocked by daisy which is very effective in a TF. HIs counter jungling is very good i normally start top side grove the buff but dont smite then invade enemy bufff grove and smite to quickly take then i do a level 2 gank top. which surprises a lot almost forcing a flash or getting a klill. So baring this in mind why am i still being told not to play ivern? or are people sheep and just do what other people do lol. It sometimes get down being told this because it makes me think ranked is a lie and its not skill that climbs but just getting lucky and playing the strongest champions? I know ivern lacks damage but nunu naut etc also lack damage.. I just dont get it lol
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