Would it be possible to give Shen the Garen treatment?

Shen is one of my favorite champs thematically, however i find that he is forced to either build Sunfire or Hydra early which ruins his early game build variety. I can't complain about his mid-game if i make it that far, but late game without any form of scaling on his Q Shen has difficulties killing minions and players. I usually try to split push on the sidelanes and use R on my teammates if the opportunity arises. Shen did get buffed recently, but i don't think that a small buff or nerf fixes him. The champ itself has been in an awkward spot because his ultimate takes so much away from his power-budget. The strength of a global TP shield depends on if it is in the hands of normal players, or if it is in the hands of perfectly coordinated pro players. I personally believe that the strength of his ult has been vastly overestimated, and the rest of his kit suffers as a result. Urgot got his iconic ult changed, Aatrox got his revive changed so i believe that changing a ability(Shen R) that is hard to balance, so that it is fair in pro play and fair in solo que would be better for the game. One of his main abilities that suffer in Shen's kit is his Q, as soon as someone builds any amount of armor or MR his Q stops doing any significant form of damage. The AP ratios on his Q are absolutely useless, because there are no good AP items for Shen. Building attack speed is a waste because you don't have your Q often enough. The items that provide Shen with cooldown, health and damage don't scale with his main damage ability (his Q). Changing the AP ratios on his Q into AD ratios would open up a lot of more interesting builds for Shen, and actually allow him to apply tower pressure to the sidelanes late game. I'm curious about what people are thinking on the changes i'm suggesting. This is my first post so i don't know if there is some discussion etiquette i have not followed.
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