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First of all: If you don't want to read it, vote-up it anyways so others get the chance to read and discuss this topic. I also really hope for criticism, discussion and comments. So leave them down here and let's just go through the changes riot made: 1. **BAN TO DAVY JONES' LOCKER _(Ban your least favorite champions. After bans are set, random champions will be assigned and they won't show up in rerolls)_:** Yes, it feels pretty good to ban my least favorite champion. But for someone else Veigar (for example) might be the most favorite champion. And you can not say "don't ban veigar" because your team will hate you, if the enemy gets Veigar. The bans also resulted in way more dodges than before. Most of the times because a champion got banned, who someone else wanted to get. I love the bans. I Especially ban champions from arams "free to play - champion rotation". But I don't think pure bans fit into ARAM. My Idea: I think because the "free-rotation-champions" are more likely to get than owned champion, you should only be able to ban champions from the free rotation. (I ban Blitzcrank alot right now, because he is in this rotation. If Veigar ever becomes free2play I will ban him alot. So why don't make that a real thing?) 2. **FINISH HIM _(After 15 minutes, minion waves' spawn rate will increase, minions will gain more movement speed, and champions will deal 10% more damage to structures)_:** I like the idea behind it. Often you want to play a quick ARAM and not another 30 minute ranked game but on a different map. I think 15 minutes is a bit early though. If a team is strong/good/fed enought to stomp them, they will do that even before the 15min. mark. But if you where able to defend it just doesn't feel good when you where able to defend them and suddenly its the 15. minute and the next fight decides whether you will lose or win. My Idea: Either try to slowly increase minion wave spawn rate and movement speed every wave until the 20. minute, where it will reach its peak or the same increasement but at the 20 minute mark. 3. **OUCH _(Damage from champions further than 900 [or maybe 700?] units away is reduced by 15%)_:** It decreases poke alot. I just love it. In my opinion, with this change you almost don't need bans. 90% of the bans are Yasuos or poke-champ and/or mages. My Idea: Just keep it. Its a balance change perfect for ARAM. 4. **SUMMONER SPELL _(Barrier has been replaced by Backtrack. When activated, Backtrack gives players a small blue shield (less powerful than Barrier) and then ~~3~~ 2.5 seconds later zooms them back towards their Fountain)_:** Barries was a annyoing problem. This adds a fresh new summoner spell to ARAM which has almost the same effect with less shield power. I kinda like it but I am still scared of weird interactions between some champs and this summoner spell. My Idea: There should be a better indicator or describiton on how it works. Yes it teleports you to the fountain but its weird. Sometimes it teleport you millions of meters/feet away from the enemy and sometimes it teleport you a few centimeters/inches away from the enemy. Both happened with the same champion. Lol 5. **ITEM UPDATES _(Mariner's Vengeance and Ghostwalkers have been added to the store for ARAM games and Warmog's Armor has been adjusted)_:** **Mariner's Vengeance:** Counters are hard cc and cc overall... Makes sence right? Just like Tryndameres R! Problem is you can't decide which champion you pick in ARAM. When you randomly got 3 ADC's, 1 Mage and 1 Support (who died for example) and Darius run's into you with Mariner's Vengeance actived: What'cha gonna do about it? There is a reason why there is no guardian's in ARAM. My idea: I would prefer a tweaked guardians instead of this. **Ghostwalkers:** Just give it a Kayn indicator (or a little bit better/clearer indicator) then I'm fine with it. Thats basically it. **Warmong's:** Fine with it. Another balance adjustment perfect for ARAM. 6. **RUNES ADJUSTMENT _(Runes have been adjusted for ARAM similar to Nexus Blitz and ARURF+)_:** Fine with it. Its just a balance thing and for once I trust in Leagues balance team ;) 7. **CHAMPION BALANCE (Champions have been adjusted to narrow the gap between the top and bottom champions in ARAM)_:** Haven't really feelt the changes - can not tell anything/anyone changed alot. I still like the idea tho. Maybe someone else can tell something about this? If your opinion differs from mine, don't down-vote please! Just write and discuss in the comment section. See you in the comments!
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