Is rito ever gonna do something about Ziggs and Sona in aram ?

You know something's wrong when a champ has a 71% win rate (Sona : 71 % , Ziggs : 67%) The only reason they're so strong in aram is because they can spam their abilities over and over with no concern for mana because of the mana regen boost in aram Like, i get that the mana regen boost is there so that mages don't suddenly become useless 3 mins after respawning, but wiith such a strong mana regen boost, there's really no need to even have mana bars at that point Mages don't need to itemise for any mana because of it, they can just keep clearing waves all day long from the safety of their tower and dish out all the poke they want without even worrying about their mana Rito needs to take a serious look at aram, there shouldn't be any champ with 60+% win rate, the highest win rate on SR is at 56% that's a huge difference with the 71% win rate on aram #Salty post :v
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