sick and tired of zed

ill keep this nice and simple nerf zed the champion has a way to easy escape in any situation and his ult is basically a free kill each and every time the main reason zed is so broken is because hes not hard to play and has alot of possibilties if anyone wants to try and convince me hes hard to play than please explain to me why i see him every game and everyone does the same things over and over and over and over. the worst thing is this same combo keeps working because its VERY hard to dodge. and when he has ult there is no dodging you just instantly die. there is no way you can tell me everyone that plays zed is just *skilled*. further more i noticed im not the only one that hates this champion but i also found out the official riot team tips for going against zed are building a zhonyas, i mean ffs not every champion can build a zhonyas and even if they can its stupid you HAVE to buy a zhonyas for one champion its so blatantly obvious zed is broken it pains me riot lets this go for so long. assasins like zed and talon have been ruining this game for so long but atleast talon doesnt get played as often. i see zed almost every fking game. check my match history its no coincidence i go 14-1 and 12-1 and scores like that whenever i dont fight a zed. and when i do fight zed i go 3/11. i honestly think the only reason hes not being nerfed is because riot is focussing more on competetive play where hes just as strong but he doesnt get played as often as in lower elos/normal games. i wouldnt know how often he gets picked in lower elo ranked games but surely not in my games. i perma ban this bs champ each game because i dont want to go 0/5 in 10 minutes just because zed decided he wanted to fight me. i think the best nerf possible is to nerf his ult. from lvl's 1-5 i have absolutly no problem dealing with zed but the second he gets ult he magically all ins me at 10% hp and 1 shots me with a fking long sword. no matter what champion i play. wich are gangplank and akali, these may not be the tankiest charachters in the game but 1 shot at lvl 6 with a long sword? really? really riot?. i could go on and on about how stupid zed is and how annoying his kit is to deal with but ill end this topic with one final argument. like i said earlier the best way to counter a zed is zhonyas because you simply ignore all his damage. the other 2 counters i could find were building armor and punishing him when he used his w. both of these are useless tips because building armor just doesnt help it really doesnt. the second zed gets 1 kill wich he will because you cant have a full armor item at before lvl 6 he will 1 shot you instantly. and anything like a cloth armor wont do anyhting because every zed runs ignite. and punishing a zed when he used w is impossible in lane because the second he used his q and he misses he wil just simply walk back untill he has his w back up. and thats what pains me the most all you have to do with zed is to poke with ur %%%%%%ed w-q combo and than walk back and wait to do it all over again. and this combo is no 10 damage no 1 combo can deal half ur hp at any lvl because of electrocute proq and his %%%%%%ed passive. i know people will get salty over this topic because everyone seems to be playing zed but for the people that dont play zed even if you dont agree with my arguments you do agree zed is broken. thats the last thing ill say
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