The Hard truth about balancing league

So Im playing league since before remekton was released. I had times where I was playing like 10 games a day and some times only 2-3 games a day and sometimes I had a break playing league because of frustration. Overall the game is really fun which ofc is the reason im playing it again and again season by season. First I was like the game is getting better and better Patch by Patch until i realised after so many years of playing league that the game is getting worse and worse. I stopped complaining about leavers flamers and 12yo and had the mentality to just focus on my own which was the reason i went diamond once. After playing my promos i went instantly to platinum as midlane Main and shortly after to platinum 4. Then i had a break for like 2-3 months or more and now i came back only to realise again that there will never be a solide Balance System between all those Tons of Champions you can play. I played a couple games when suddenly a shaco appears giving me two Hits and im down with full hp. Later in the game I didnt even had a Chance to react. 0,76 seconds 1500+ dmg. What bs is that? Same with fizz. Every season u face this fish mid you get hit by his w and an autohit ending up with 40% hp left. Wtf? Seriously this game aint fun anymore. There is no Balance. There will always be at least 15-20 champs that are unbalanced as fk and a pain in the Ass. And because of that and others things u end up with a Match history full of win lose win lose win lose. Not being able to carry except you are an assassin and have op mechanics. Cant we go for lass champs and Focus more on gameplay Balance? There are other ways to make money.
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