Changing 2 mechanics to be more fair doesn't kill your champ

Like seriously, I literally read every post on this boards 50% of them are related to Akali and how riot killed her. Riot finally did great job with her, made her kit to be more fair to play against. Sure it's not only champion that needs kit changes, but we should start with someone. I was former Tahm Kench support main. Did I cried there all day long on boards because riot killed my champion and gutted him. Now 8 months later at the very bottom of wr just because he was too broken toplane (nothing worse than Morde atm). Ye that's what killed champion is, but he still does good job at being living Zhonya for her ally and tanking some damage if possible in this damagecreep meta. And I feel that I am gonna constantly read posts about Akali until riot buffs her again... Overall she will still one-shot everything, has pretty strong early and mid game, with pretty much carry potential and you just had to adapt to a few new mechanics. Akali sitting at 46% wr (along with Tahm) just because low elo would rather make an optimistic 1v5 play than snowball the lead. MEANWHILE 8 MONTHS SINCE RIOT DESTROYED EVERYTHING FUN IN TAHM KENCH'S KIT, AND NOBODY GIVES A SH*T ABOUT IT, JUST BECAUSE HE ISN'T FLASHY ENOUGH FOR MAJORITY.
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