Why Mordekaiser rework needs to keep the Ghost mechanic

Hi, a Mordekaiser main here. We all know that a Mordekaiser rework is getting closer, yes, urgot, evelynn and some more are coming before, but I think its important to talk about this. So, why is It important to keep the Ghost mechanics? First of all, I'm not saying that the Ghost mechanics need to be kept exactly the same, in fact, some changes are necesary to make his current R more healthy, but let's focus. It's because of his THEMATIC. Mordekaiser is many things, he is a juggernaut, a necromancer, a metal music joke, numero uno... But first and foremost, he is a CONQUEROR. He became what he currently is because of his insatiable desire of power. The fact that Mordekaiser controls your Ghost is not only a way to showcase his Dark powers, but a way to establish dominance and his superiority over those he defeats. As Mordekaiser you don't kill your enemies, you CONQUER them, in a physical and espiritual sense. He doesn't smash you as a living being, he smashes your very identity and soul. This is way, in mi opinion, If Riot wants to keep his current identity as an Ancient Warlords the ghosts should be kept in some form or changed for something that enhances this feeling of absolute victory.
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