nasus is aids to play against, here's why

first off, his q. i'm not gonna be ranting about his damage because everyone says that in their rants, and i'm sure everyone here is sick of hearing it. but, the cooldown and mana on his q needs to be nerfed. it costs 20 mana at all levels, and considering many items nasus can build give him mana ( {{item:3078}} , {{item:3025}} , {{item:3110}} , etc), he can spam his q as much as he wants. and his q cooldown, at max ranks, is 4 seconds. paired with the max amount of cdr (which he gets from 2-3 items), it'll be rougly around 2.5 seconds. meaning, with the tiny mana cost and the seriously low cooldown, nasus can spam q as much as he wants as soon as he gets 1-2 items. secondly, his wither's duration, cooldown, or slow ratio, needs to be nerfed. sure, his wither's cooldown is 11 seconds at max rank, but with 40%-45% cdr, it's only 6-7 seconds, meaning after 2-3 items, he can slow someone by 95% movespeed (which is seriously an insane number) for 5 seconds every 6-7 seconds, giving them only a 1-2 second window each time to actually be able to move.
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