Juggernauts feel like crap this season and skirmishers have a weakness which doesn't exist.

This isn't the first time I have experienced this but every time I play a juggernaut, it's either hold your head in shame once you've hit mid game or just build armour and hope to tank for your team for if you choose to head into battle a shirmisher will melt you from 0-100 before you get to even land five stacks. I experienced something similar today where I played Darius against a Master Yi in the top lane (Yes), and I once died to Yi while helping my jungler in his silly invade against the opposing jungler and was caught off guard because my idiot jungler chose to not help me in a 1v2 and instead kept attacking the red buff. Fair enough, a valid death. Then came the 10 minutes point where Yi got some turret gold from my recalls (ghost Darius) and built his first item, a {{item:3149}}. At this point I had a stinger and a Bramble vest but this guy could melt me despite all that even when his ignite was down before my ult animation could complete. Come mid game and he would still aim at me and kill me faster in a 1v3 before the 3 of us could take him down despite us being the same level and I having a Thornmail on me. He had two items, {{item:3153}} and {{item:3031}} at this point. Hell this isn't even a rant about Juggernauts at this point but more of a statement on how overpowered skirmishers are. Why would I want to play either of Garen, Darius, or Renekton when I can just as easily pick Yasuo, Riven, or Jax who not only deal far more damage than any of these bruisers but also outsustain them for days? Moreover these guys beat pretty much anybody in a 1v1 be it an assassin, marksman, or a mage and have absolutely no weakness outside of hard CC (which is a weakness of pretty much every %%%%ing champion in game). In my opinion, skirmishers need a hard nerf, either to their late game or to many of their early games I do not know. It isn't uncommon to see Yasuos who would be going 0/6 in lane and then all of a sudden start scoring triple kills after having built two items, or Riven and Master Yi's start ripping apart tanks after building their first item like it meant nothing. Yasuo and Riven do not have weak early games, and Yi's early game only lasts for as long as he's bought a bork. Do these guys make money for Riot or something, or do the employees there only get to plat spamming aids till the entire community catches it?
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