Help The Silver Guyz Riot

I dont have any suggestion at all. Silver is so hard to climb that u won every diseases and rage every game u do. No matter how good you are there will be a plat last season that plays worse than a bronze. I main supp thresh and when i land a lantern to save my allies they dont even know how to click. Silver is the worst ello no matter how good u are, your mmr will decreases if ur in silver. U know why the majority of players are in silver wish it isn't deserved, my premade kainorexel was gold, this season got silver 2 now hes demoting every game, he do good games acctualy takes objectives , good kda and good farm like 300 - 380 at 35-40 minutes, and me with thresh land good lanterns and people dont even know how to click it, i land hooks and no one follows, i get shyvanas doing statiks and infinity edges, i get blitz full ap top And yes i remember when silver was carriable and enjoyable to play. So if we say we want to exit silver. Riot understand that we want join bronze. Do something in silver ello, try to make people that are bad and do bullshit in game and make them bronze. Riot everyone wants to climb, i know i cant blame u but ur the only who can control the silver ellos and the other ones. Please help this players we are not retarded we are others persons but with less skill cap. Can u do some updates only in silver to become a little easier to climb.? Btw add me DyogoCosta aka Thresh Player Good morning boys and grills :D {{champion:412}}

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