Now i dont mean tanks them selves like {{champion:86}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:122}} they are already broken and we are over it. im talking about the tank items {{item:3025}} and {{item:3068}} These 2 are by far the most toxic tank items and the fact that building them doesn't only give you a lot of armor but also gives you slows and damage over time. the fact that champions like {{champion:105}} and {{champion:245}} can just become unstoppable once they have these is just not fun to deal with. Not only that but the fact that tank items cost less then damage items and by that you can get them before the other team can build damage is really stupid. {{champion:245}} ekko shouldn't be played as a tank but people do that because he has high af base damage i mean is it fun to just try to run from tank ekko while he (lets start) 1. {{item:3025}} slow 2. passive slow 3.{{item:3025}} again 4.his W slow 5. you guessed it {{item:3025}} again 6. you finally found someone who can do damage to that guy? nope he can just ult and bam back to full health now fizz {{champion:105}} is kinda the same but with his retarded E you guys have to agree that tanks are annoying and boring. you can win lane you can buy all the crit and armor pin you want but in late game the team with most tanks win thats league right now also delete {{champion:157}} this guy sucks
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