Blind pick is absolute shite

Why do we still have to play this game mode? I really don't understand why we haven't recieved something a little more playable. --People constantly get into fights over positions creating a toxic environment before the game even starts. --Calling positions is not a fair way to decide the players roles. People with slower PCs or internet connection have a huge disadvantage. You can't see messages in the lobby chat that were written before you had connected. This results in you not seeing if anyone called a position before you. This is absolutely unacceptable as it is. Most of the time this results in yet more fights about lanes. --The amount of salty players that lock into your lane even after seeing you calling something first and not caring about you being locked in already is insane. --Troll picks are much more likely to happen than how it was in draft pick. I really really fucking hate this queue type and the fact that you cannot play 5v5 any other way without putting LP on the line is outrageous.
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