All the Information I know about for the New Urgot. (Warning: Lots of TL;DR Incoming)

_Quick Disclaimer:_ {{champion:6}} I understand that New Urgot hasn't even been released in the PBE yet, but judging from what I've seen from Urgot's abilities, and even the small gameplay that I got to see from his reveal to get a feel of what Urgot is capable of his kit and in his potential, I'd figure I might at as well have my own opinion what how I think of Urgot, and Why. Please keep in mind to take it with a pinch of salt: This is just how I feel about the New Urgot. This isn't going to be an instant new meta theory build that you do in every game, or making a clickbait title just to get views with URGOT JUNGLE IS ACTUALLY BEYOND BUSTED??? or any of that nonsense. And now that that's out of the way, let's begin! If you haven't seen his reveal, here it is: About Urgot and His Roles (In my opinion): Urgot is a Bruiser Anti-ADC War machine Champion; Capable of burning through early game farm Due to his Echoing Flames and his Purge at Level 1, and gets to insta push the wave aggressively. He is a Unique-ish Champion like any other; being able to focus down on targets one by one, as he Shrugs off whatever damage he takes. If you need a champion that loves to focus on champions and still be tanky to sustain in the lane, then Urgot is your man. Otherwise, play him situationally. Against Minions, his waves and pushes are more aggressive than other champions in the game, so trying to freeze or control the enemy minions is going to be a bit more different than the standard champion, since one of his Echoing Flames automatically fires as soon as Urgot's Basic Attack is triggered, unless it's already used. In Teamfights, Urgot can Protect Baron or Dragon with his Fear Beyond Death, if he sees a champion low enough to kill. If it kills an enemy champion, it fears everyone, and I mean **EVERYONE** around him; Giving you and your Team a massive advantage. He synergies so well with champions that stops their enemies from their tracks, such as {{champion:3}} Galio with his Justice Punch and his Hero's Entrance, {{champion:267}} Nami with her Aqua Prison and Tidal Wave, and {{champion:412}} Thresh with pretty much his entire kit. However, Urgot absolutely hates any form of Champions that can not only kite him, but also take him down before he can manage to do anything. So where taking about champions such as {{champion:67}} Vayne with her Silver Bolts, {{champion:22}} Ashe with just her Frost Shot alone, {{champion:51}} Caitlyn with her stupid long range and her Kit to give a nightmare back to Urgot, and {{champion:150}} Mini Gnar because of his Hyper and Hop, and making him such a nuisance to deal with. As for his Roles, He can easily fit into Top Lane, since that's where all the Melee champion go, but what's really interesting is that he can actually go ADC as well if you can find the opportunity. As for why he can't Jungle, even though you would think he could fit in, we will get to that in a moment, when I discuss about his Abilities. About his Abilities: (See the Upcoming Urgot.) P: Echoing Flames You have 6 Shotgun Knees that have a static cooldown, and automatically fires in the direction that Urgot's basic attack or his Purge is firing. Urgot automatically needs to think more carefully about he's going to use his Echoing Flames in the process against Minions. He isn't like the average champion that can just sit and wait, because his knees fires wherever he fires. This is great for pushing or defending the tower, but in terms trying to farm, it's going to be more different. You can use this to really scare off and harass champions since it deals Target's damage based on it's maximum health. How do I know? The Reveal showed me that the damage of his Echoing Flames pretty such put the target dummy Vi at low health, when he used all 6 of them. It also says so on his Upcoming Wikia. By the way, I don't think his purpose is to Jungle, even though it seems as if you can do a decent job at it: You don't have any real engage, and you need to dance about to use your knees. Think of his Jungling like Graves, but more Damage and no knockback. Q: Corrosive Charge This is pretty much his old E but slapped onto his Q. You fire a grenade and it locks onto the targets, except that this time it doesn't tick and just does the flat damage. I recommend using this as a utility tool and not his Bread and Butter, and Leveling it up Depending on Gameplay: If you need to Harass more in lane to farm more or to play it defensively, Level Corrosive Charge at 13. Otherwise Level this last, but put 1 point onto it. W: Purge You basically get a free Machine Gun for a few Seconds that makes you move slower, you take less punishments from slows, you get to move as you fire (Champions usually need to Stop, and Fire.) and you gain Shield that lasts longer then it's attack speed activation. (You Automatically gain 3.0 Attack Speed for a few seconds.) If there is a Locked On Champion, he's able to fire that target easier. According to his Upcoming Wikia, It's says that the shield is based on his AD instead of his HP. This is why I like to think of Urgot as a Bruiser Champion or having at least 1 tanky item, and Not just a random-ass tank that farms well but deals no Damage. Think of his shield, like a Riven's Valor, but it lasts longer, and properly weaker than Riven's due to his duration of the shield for balance reasons. This is your Bread and Butter and need to Level up at 9, to gain the maximum Pressure and DPS Possible. E: Disdain This is just a wonkier, shorter ranged version of Justice Punch, but he flings the enemy champion and it locks onto the target. Level this for when Urgot is Ahead and he's able to really melt down health bars, otherwise level this last. R: Fear Beyond Death Urgot fires a beacon. If it lands on an enemy champion then it can be re-activated again if they are low enough of health. (25% health to be Exact.) If they are low enough, he can reel them in and executes that champion, and it applies fear to everyone around him as soon as the execution is finished. The Beacon last for a few seconds before it deactivates, so if you can burst down the enemy champion low enough, it can give you a quick recover. And Lastly, and Target Champion will be suppressed and cannot do anything until the ultimate is stopped by somehow surviving it, or unless Urgot dies. To me, This is one of the best Ultimates in the game, if you can manage to pull it off, since it gives such a really nice protection if enemies are fighting over Baron or Dragon. You can see why he needs help from his team for an enemy champion to be a prey for Urgot's Fear Beyond Death, and for Urgot to position at other enemy champions to fear as much as he can at the same time. Keep in mind that other then he E (Which really barely give you any dash advantage because of the delay.) he has no mobility whatsoever, and he is slow. Meaning that sometimes you need to even buy something like Youmuus Ghostblade or using Ghost just to catch up with them. What I think of his recommended Item Builds and why: (Starting and Early Items) For Starting Items, I would Recommend {{item:1054}} Doran's Shield instead of {{item:1055}} Doran's Blade because although you can heal quickly with your Purge and Echoing Flames, if the enemy champion manages to poke you down, you at least have a little bit more sustain. Remember that Urgot wants to think about how he's going to take down the minions, and not just willing nilly fire with guns blazing. For Early Items: Depending on the Situation, You can either take {{item:3082}} Warden's Mail to slow down the basic attack of enemies champion (or giving ADC more trouble to Harass you) or the new Bramble's Vest to force them to think more carefully or passively. {{item:3044}} Phage is used to build into a {{item:3071}} Black Cleaver, but it's also used to gain that extra edge of movement speed. And lastly, Boots of Speed{{item:1001}} to build into your optional boots. (Essential and Offensive Items) I Recommend going for Items that work super Well with your Purge and your Mobility, with a Tanky item or two to shrug off damage from enemy champions away. Urgot is going to **love** {{item:3071}} Black Cleaver, because it has everything he wants in his Purge: It has a big Cooldown Reduction; allowing his to use Purge more, and it shreds shredding through their Armor. Meaning that Top Lane is going to be scared of you, even if they don't have as much armor. The Reason why you're seeing Thornmail is because it's going to be Reworked with 75 Armor, and 250 HP, but it's going to cost 2900 Gold. Keep in mind that I tried to make the Items as "Riot's" Recommend shopping list as I could: Each having a standard reasoning. With the new {{item:3075}} Thornmail, You will have enough armor to become pretty tanky, but you will even get to farm more efficiently. For Boots, you actually have multiple choices, such as {{item:3111}} Merc Treads, and {{item:3009}} Boots of Swiftness, but I like my standard {{item:3047}} Ninja Tabi, since it's more armor, and it blocks a bit more basic attacks from enemy champions. This is why I have the hopes that Urgot can go ADC as well as going Top, since although his range is bad, He can be a nightmare against Bot lane, with good communication and predictability, where at Top Lane he just plays it more causally. For Offensive Items, {{item:3153}} Bork is a Nobrainer, since although the attack speed doesn't stack with your Purge, It does however apply with it's Passive, Meaning that once you have this bad boy with you, you can scare off any melee champion that wants to 1v1 Urgot, unless they have a gank ready to ambush you. {{item:3800}} Righteous Glory is used for when you need that little extra boost of Mobility and chasing potential, especially for how slow your Purge can be, and {{item:3033}} Mortal Reminder is just in case Black Cleaver wasn't enough, or if you see a Tank that's too hard to Crack. Since I see Urgot as a Bruiser, Mortal Reminder works well to shred off the Armor. (Defensive Items, and Consumables) Now for Defensive Items, you can already see is a bit more questionable. {{item:3072}} Bloodthirster is used for when you need to gain more sustain, and because of the Overheal, it can stack really well with Purge's Shield and Attacks. {{item:3156}} Maw is used for any pesky Mages that try to hunt you down, and {{item:3050}} Zeke's Convergence is the most random out of the items for Urgot, but It makes more sense with your Ultimate, since your pulling towards your team anyways, and it has Mana to spam your Purge more. It even has some nice bonuses for both you and your ally champion to apply slows and burns and your basic attacks can deal magic damage, which can also be applied with your Purge. This means that if you can land a good ulti, once your finished with an executed champion, Urgot has a literal definition of being fired up when it comes to team fights, and he wants to hunt them down. Your Consumables are Standard, but I would still Recommend using the {{item:2140}} Elixir of Wrath since you can't go wrong with it, and it gives you Extra AD. (Leftover Starting Items) Here I've put out Starting Items that you can use, if you don't like Doran's Shield that much. Refillable Potion can be really helpful for when you need to save up, but also gain some sustain at the same time, Doran's Blade for when you want to play more Aggressive then Defensive and especially if your against enemy champions. Be warned that ranged champions can just kite you, and you have no mobility other then Heal, Ghost, Exhaust, and Flash, so be careful how you attack. And Lastly, Cull is used for when you need to rush more gold and you want to spike faster. Here are **ALL** the Leftover Damaging Items that didn't exactly made it in the list, although they can still be used by their ways: {{item:3036}} If your going more AD and little Tankiness for Urgot, I can understand why you want to swap out Mortal Reminder for Lord Dominik's Regard, since they both do the same job, but you can scare off Health Tanks just as well. {{item:3085}} Runaan's is situationally used, because although it's really nice to use for farm, Even if you use Runaan's as an Early Game Item, Your Purge makes you slow, Meaning that you need to stop enemy champions before it show off it's potential. It also needs to build up into More Critical Items, and Urgot ain't no Fast moving Champion. So use Runaan's at your own Risk. Same goes for Sttatik Shiv and Rapidcfire Cannon: they are both nice items, but only if you have the Gold, to spend it for Crit Items. {{item:3142}} Youmuu's Ghostblade is actually a nice item for Urgot, because it had AD, Cooldown, Chasing Potential even with Purge activated, but it also has Lethality, to pierce through low Armor Champions. {{item:3814}} Edge of Night is used more Defensively, but share the principal of Youmuu's Ghostblade. This time you have a spell shield instead. {{item:3147}} Duskblade is more Situationally used, since you don't really get to go after champions unless you have some form of backup, but if you can Attack while your in the brush, It can give Urgot a big Advantage, especially against Squishies. This can be used effectively, if your good at Communicating with your team. {{item:3031}} Infinity Edge is for Finishing off your Crit Items, or if you at least have 1 Crit item It can be used to Melt, but it needs help along the way from other crit items. {{item:3508}} Essence Reaver can actually be used on the go. It gives you mana for every crit damage you make from it's RNG, and It gives you more cooldown, the more crit you have: giving you the total of 30% Cooldown, along with free mana for every crit. I highly recommend this item for only those who know who to use Essence Reaver Effectively, since it energizes so well with Purge, if you have the Crit Items for it. {{item:3812}} Death's Dance isn't as awesome as you would imagine, however if your a Bruiser Urgot with Thornmail it has it's uses. It's just not suitable for full AD Urgot, since it doesn't give you as much utility as you would hope. {{item:3124}} Rageblade isn't an Item used for Urgot. It just gives Echoing Flames more damage. That's all it does. Avoid taking Rageblade. {{item:3139}} Mercurial Scimitar is used for when you're not as threatened with Mages, but you still need some form of protection, and you need to chase them quickly. And Lastly, {{item:3078}} Trinity Force: Which is an Interesting item for Urgot because it can give you numerous amounts of nice stats and passives, but the Attack Speed is kinda wasted unless you don't use Purge as much. Use Trinity Force for you need to attack a bit more Mobile and when you don't have the opportunity to use Purge effectively. And Lastly, here are **ALL** the Leftover Tanky Items that Urgot can use, but they all have their unique uses, therefore making them situational: Support Item or Not: {{item:3069}} Talisman of Ascension can give Urgot an advantage for not only chase potential, and even a bit of sustain too, due to it's Armor, Health Regen and it's fairly cheap Price. It even gives you a bit of extra gold as time goes by and if you complete it's quest, it gives you a free level up. This can be used well for when Urgot still needs to push carefully and has to sacrifice some of his farm. {{item:3190}} The Locket of the Iron Solari can be used to to protect you and your team, as it give everyone on your side a decaying shield, but it also applies super well with Gargyole's Stoneplate, which we will get to in a bit. {{item:3109}} Knight's Vow is only used for when you can communicate but you also want to make your ally champion feel more safe. It's a weird one, but in the right hands, it has it's nice advantages. {{item:3193}} Gargoyle Stoneplate Is First Piece of the Locket, and it's super effective against Teamfights. If you Activated Stoneplate first, and then Locket, you and your team are going to have a massive decaying shield, and you have Bonus Armor when it comes to teamfights. The only major con it's the Wombo Combo itself, As both combined can be pricey if your farm isn't doing very well, and it takes 2 slots away from your space. So use them when you need to use them, or you can use one of them separately, to gain more space for your item slots. {{item:3053}} Strak's Gage is nice for what it gives Urgot, since it's give you an emergency shield and it gives you more base damage, which applies to your Purge. Even if Urgot dosen't have as much Base AD, it's still a nice item to have, when you need to survive but you don't have as much gold, or you need to rush a full build. {{item:3056}} Ohmwrecker is only used for when you need to push super aggressively, or if you need to take down that sliver of health champion if you're forming up a Gank with your jungler. {{item:3025}} Iceborn can also be a really nice item, since you have more Mana to Spam, You have more Cooldown, it gives you Armor, It has a Sheen Passive to deal more damage, and it's fairly cheap for how much potential it gives for Urgot. A powerful All-Round Defensive Item. {{item:3110}} Frozen Heart is the defensive Version of Iceborn. More Armor and reduces Attack Speed from Enemies, but no Sheen. {{item:3512}} Zz'Rot Portal should only be used for when you need to split push, or if one of the lanes are in trouble but you have to worry about the teamfights at the same time. {{item:3065}} Spirit Visage is a nice item to have when you have a Lifesteal items with you. it also has protection against Mages, so you can commonly take this if you're ever desprate to survive longer. An All-Round Powerful magic Resit Item. {{item:3194}} Adaptive Helm should only be used against mages that spam their ability against you. It can also be used to detect stealth champions such as Shaco for whenever he's using Jack in the Box and about to attack you with his Hallucinate and his Deceive. {{item:3083}} Warmong's Armor Is used for when you need to be the center of attention, and letting the team assist you along the way, as you gain back your health. {{item:3001}} Abyssal Mask is a weird one, But if you want to help your Mages more, it's allowed to be used in that way. {{item:3068}} Only take Sunfire Cape for when you're behind. Although the Health and Armor is nice, Thornmail is going to be the big Brother of Sunfire Cape, it only has uses to take down minions and jungle monsters quicker. {{item:3143}} Randuin's Omen is for when your up aganist a crit heavy champion such as Yasuo, or Caitlyn for example. You can also used to slow them down heavily, so it can have it's own uses even if it's not on the Defensive Items List. it's just a situational standard defensive crit Item. And Lastly, {{item:3022}} Frozen Mallet, For when Zeke's Convergence isn't doing the Trick and you need to catch an enemy with your Purge. They both share the same Principals, But Frozen Mallet is used more for Solo Wise or to make it more Friendly for Urgot. Overall: That should be Everything that I know about the new Urgot. Of course, as he comes to the PBE to eventually coming out Live, People will experiment the heck out of him. But from what I see of him, He is a Standard Top Laner, with a side order of ADC if the Enemy ADC is also Short Ranged. He is a threatening Champion that shines from communication and controlling the enemy minions effectively. He is a Hidden Gem that can works well for Tournaments, but can lack a lot for Ranked Games, Especially for Low ELO. He is **_NOT_** a Friendly ELO Champion to just pick up and play with. You need to culminate with him to use his abilities more effectively. Let me know if I've missed anything else. If you've rad through the whole thing, I want to thank you, because you are a legend. This took be a good 3-4 Hour to finish of the whole Page, but I wanted to make this because I know exactly what going to happen to Urgot, where People put up the Hype, only to leave Urgot out in the Dust. I wanted to show The New Urgot what he's good at doing, and what he's not good at doing.
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