same rotating game modes over and over

**Riot rly needs to make all these modes appear at the same rate (or think of some new modes) ...** like srsly we get 1-2 porokings followed by 1-2 ascension and after that - surprise surpise! - 1-2 poroking ... but dont worry! the next mode is 1 or 2 times ascension .... rotating game modes - more like: **Poroking & Ascension** (& sometimes stuff like OneForAll and Hexakill) **JUST LOOK AT THIS!** Nemesis Draft: 1 Hexakill SR: 2 Hexakill TT: 3 Doom Bots of Doom (only Halloween): 2 Not Dominion: 3 Nexus Siege: 6 One for All: 6 **Poro King: 8 Ascension: 9** and then there is **URF** - the thing we all want - the thing why we all wanted the rotating game modes - the thing u baited us with: **URF: 2 URF Random: 1** only 3 URF so far (and 1 is a changed version)! cmon Riot .. pls {{item:3070}}
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